Make your supply chain process easy and efficient.

Does your organisation have labour-intensive packaging needs?

Our ‘pick and pack’ service is always completed to the highest quality. This can include jobs such as unloading pallets, to re-packing orders into boxes, and hand-delivering orders directly to your business.

The team at genU Business Enterprises are great at component and assembly tasks that are fiddly and time-consuming. The type of work we do includes:

  • Packaging for retail products
  • Delegate bags for conference events
  • Mail-outs and letterbox drops
  • Labelling for the wine and juice industries.

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Your partner in packaging

When you engage us for your ‘pick and pack’ needs, you gain consistent high quality products and services from dedicated and passionate staff. And because we are a social enterprise, you are also supporting the careers of people living with disability.

We work with many businesses throughout the year, labelling, assembling and packaging items such as hardware and confectionery, and just about anything else you can think of! It would surprise you how many businesses use our service for their manual tasks.

Contact us today to organise a tour of our North Geelong site and see what we have to offer.

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