Disability Support Services

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We want to support you to reach your goals.

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We have a big range of disability support services to help you.

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We have been providing disability support services for over 65 years.

When you use our services, we promise to:

Woman talking on the phone. There is a clock with an arrow going around it and "48 hours".
  • be responsive – we will get back to you within 48 hours after you contact us
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  • focus on your needs
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  • work with you to reach your goals
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  • help you get the most out of the money in your plan that you spend with us.
    This means we will tell you about:

    • all of our fees
    • our optional extras.

You will have control over the money you spend with us.

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Our disability support services

Two women looking at a computer

We provide lots of different disability support services.