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A woman is pointing at herself with her other hand raised. Next to her is the number 25 with an arrow pointing down.

Our Youth Services are for people under 25 years old.

They can help you learn about:

A group pf children standing together and smiling
  • building a social group
A man using a laptop. Next to him is his support worker. There are 2 spinning wheels above them.
  • how to develop skills to get a job
A pile of books with a graduation cap sitting on top and a briefcase
  • dealing with problems at school or work.
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Youth Employment

A man has one arm raised with a briefcase next to him

Get the best start to your employment journey.

We provide:

Two women sitting down using a tablet. Above them is a pile of books with a graduation cap sitting on top and an arrow pointing right.
  • support options for when you leave school
A person smiling with a briefcase next to them
  • support to find work experience that’s right for you.
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Youth Programs

Two people facing each other and shaking hands

Our Youth Programs help you meet new people.

Three images including a paint palette and brush, a game controller, and a calendar

We provide a range of activities, such as:

  • gaming
  • art
  • school holiday programs.