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Our genU Participate programs help you take part in the community.

Five images including two masks with faces on them, a basketball and soccer ball, a music note, a rolling pin and whisk, and a game controller.

They include:

  • arts
  • crafts
  • cooking
  • gaming
  • music
A group of people in front of a building and house. A computer screen is next to them.

You can do activities:

  • face-to-face or online
  • in a group or 1-on 1.
Two men sitting down facing each other. A speech bubble with a lightbulb is above one of them.

We’ll work with you to find activities that suit your interests.

Two people. One woman is holding her arm up to celebrate. The other woman is standing close to support her.

We’ll also work with you to build your social skills and confidence.

Our genU Participate programs include:

A game controller
  • genU GAMER
    You’ll get to take part in gaming activities, such as:

    • board games
    • video games
    • role playing games, like Dungeons and Dragons.

Find out more about genU GAMER.

A person smiling wearing a backpack and walking through a park
  • genU Adventure
    You’ll get to take part in adventure activities, such as:

    • cycling
    • kayaking
    • bushwalking
    • surfing

Find out more about genU Adventure.

A paint palette and brush
  • genU Arts
    You’ll get to take part in art activities such as:

    • painting
    • making collages
    • pottery

Find out more about genU Arts.

Person doing graffiti art
  • URB-X
    You’ll travel to places in Victoria to find urban art experiences.
    Find out more about URB-X by calling
    1300 558 368.
A group of people in front of a building and house