Many businesses want to contribute to local groups but they don’t know how to do it with maximum impact.

In turn community organisations want business support but don’t know how to get it.

genU Inclusion fills this void, acting as a broker by bringing community organisations and businesses together through in-kind support options such as employee volunteering, donations of goods and services, and the sharing of resources and knowledge.

genU Inclusion educates, supports and creates opportunities for businesses and the community to engage with each other for mutual benefit.

We do this by coordinating projects that involve:

  • Employee volunteering
  • Donations of goods and services
  • Sharing resources and knowledge
  • genU Inclusion co-ordinates a number of sponsored annual events and one-off projects that are individually tailored to meet specific community needs and also assist businesses to meet strategic community involvement goals

Through our work of brokering partnerships between business and community organisations, genU Inclusion has built, developed and maintained strong links with many segments of the community, including businesses, community organisations, service and sporting clubs, networks and schools.

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