At genU Inclusion, we coordinate initiatives that give businesses opportunities to develop community partnerships through volunteering.  These partnerships strengthen our community in many ways and encourage local economic growth and social cohesion.

Learn more about our signature programs and events below.

Held annually in Geelong and Wyndham, the Workplace Big Day brings together people with a disability and employee volunteers from the business sector in a fully supported environment where everyone can form friendships, learn about disability and have an exclusive opportunity for personal and professional growth.

The genU Big Night Out was established in 2003 and is the region’s only fully inclusive annual gala event.

Held annually, it attracts up to 650 people and attracts a diverse audience which includes genU’s corporate partners, staff, community groups and people with a disability and their families and friends.

This event is designed to promote genuine inclusion, a sense of community, greater tolerance, awareness and understanding of diversity whilst celebrating the importance of inclusion. It brings people with disabilities together with corporate community members in a fun and fully supported environment.

Our annual art exhibitions feature high quality works of art created by artists with a disability and are held each year in Geelong, Wyndham and Mornington.

Our exhibitions are open to artists over the age of 16 who live in Victoria and identify as having a disability or history of mental illness and exhibition entries have included sculptures, paintings, drawings and photographs.

Having a creative outlet is so important; it can offer many benefits such as increased community involvement, new ways to communicate and express emotion and improved self-confidence. We hope that our exhibitions encourage and inspire the artists involved to continue with their passion.

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Job Shadowing provides a day of awareness to promote equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Participants explore the world of work by ‘shadowing’ someone for a half day in the workplace as they go about their normal working routine.

The Job shadowing (or work shadowing) program provides on-the-job learning, career development and skills development.

It involves working with another employee who might have a different job, might have something to teach, or can help the person shadowing him or her to learn new aspects related to the job, organisation, certain behaviours or competencies.

Due to the very nature of the program it provides the perfect forum to introduce people with disabilities to the ‘world of work’ and as such will be a very effective tool for learning and transitioning individuals into paid employment.

The genU Carers High Tea gives carers from across the Geelong region a well-earned break from their responsibilities during National Carers Week at a special event just for them.

Sponsored by Geelong Connected Communities with support from volunteers from GMHBA, the Carers High Tea is held annually to acknowledge the extraordinary work that unpaid carers do throughout the year as they support their families, friends and those in need of full time care.

Across Australia 2.7 million* unpaid carers provide the bulk of care for people who live with disability or illness and the ageing. The age of carers can range from children as young as 10 years old, through to elderly parents looking after an adult child with disability.

The 2018 genu Carers High Tea will be held on Thursday October 18.

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