A new chapter for IPA

IPA ownership is changing from genU to IPA by Synergie, a specialist company with international backing that brings deep expertise and experience in the recruitment sector.

Its new parent company, Synergie, is a 55-year-old worldwide organisation providing companies and institutions with global human resources management and development services. Ranked seventh among the industry leaders in Europe, Synergie has more than 5,000 employees throughout 17 countries.

Joining the Synergie Group will enable IPA to strengthen its networks and the opportunities for clients and labour hire employees, whilst providing a more specialised workplace for IPA staff.

“We have seen IPA grow and take shape over the years and have been impressed with what it has become. We’re excited to lead IPA into the next chapter of its journey. As part of this, we look forward to an ongoing relationship with genU for the continued benefit of IPA and Australian businesses and communities,” say Synaco by Synergie Directors, John Alexandrou and Mike Otty.

IPA was built from humble beginnings in 1984 – 40 years ago! – as a group of five consultants in Melbourne with a vision to reinvigorate the recruitment industry. One of their first projects, a government-funded employment services program for the unemployed, established early commitment to social impact and paved the way to social enterprise credentials and ownership by genU.

It has been a valued part of genU since 2016 and will always have a special place in the genU story.

To all IPA staff, thank you for your service to IPA while it has been under genU’s guidance. Your contributions and commitment to excellence have helped ensure the ongoing success of IPA and we look forward to hearing of your future accomplishments.

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