Aaron Deans has revelled in the role of a “punk”, appearing in short film Jeremy the Dud.

The film was released on Facebook last month, and has received rave reviews from people across the world. Jeremy the Dud flips disability on its head, by creating a world where most people have a disability and those who don’t are in the minority and referred to as “duds”.

Aaron appeared in a scene alongside friend Ben Eddy, where the pair teased protagonist Jeremy (played by Nick Boshier of Bondi Hipsters fame) as he leaves supported care and starts to fend for himself in the real world.

WATCH: Jeremy the Dud

The genU participant and artist said the film had opened people’s eyes to the at times condescending and demeaning treatment people with a disability experience every day.

“It definitely explained how the world is with disabilities and everything,” Aaron said.

“I’ve got a disability; I know how it is. I know how it is being bullied, because I was bullied a lot at my old school 24-seven, no one respected me and I felt not wanted.

“I felt like nothing, lonely. I felt like a speck. I didn’t feel like I was included in anything, everyone just left me out.”

Being part of the film was a confidence boost for Aaron, and he made new friends with the cast and crew including fellow cast mates Adam Bowes and Chloe Hayden.

Aaron said he really enjoyed being part of the ground breaking project.

“I felt really confident and great, my mum was proud of me and I’d like to do it again one day,” he said.

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