Entrance to Gen U Costa House

Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Audit

An article was published by the Geelong Advertiser on 7 December 2022 regarding previously reported non-compliances from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission, following an audit back in July.

The non-compliance with Home Care Packages relates to appropriate client assessment and planning, and at Costa House it is around meal variety and quality, storage space and cleaning, and staffing levels.

These non-compliances indicate key areas where improvement is required; however, this has not impacted genU’s accreditation status with the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

The nature of non-compliances is that they will remain listed on the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website until the next audit, which may not be for three years, regardless of whether the issues identified have been rectified.

Since the non-compliances were identified, our teams have invested heavily in addressing the issues outlined and ensuring all requirements are met. Specific projects have been put in place to progress our continuous improvement plans, with additional resources provided where required to enable us to uplift standards.

The Home Care Packages team is implementing new processes to ensure a higher quality and comprehensive assessment is undertaken and care planning documentation is able to be evidenced. The team is working hard to ensure the uplift of documentation is observed across all clients who access genU supports. 

At Costa House focus has been on meal quality and standards (which have already improved thanks to the new Food and Services Manager), interim storage measures until permanent solutions can be implemented, and recruitment to effectively manage staffing levels and workload.

We continue to discuss improvement measures and progress with our staff, residents, clients and families, and the feedback we’re receiving is that we’re making great progress towards rectifying the identified issues and there is a high level of satisfaction. We anticipate all non-compliance will be corrected within the first quarter of 2023, if not earlier.

At genU, we are committed to ensuring high quality and safe service delivery to our residents and clients and to addressing all issues identified through formal audits as well as ongoing feedback from residents, clients, and family members. We have a complaints, feedback and compliments process in place and are committed to making sure people feel safe and confident to tell us if they have concerns.