Chloe Hayden Geelong Awards for People with a Disability

Geelong’s Chloe Hayden has enjoyed a year of achievement and success following her award win at last year’s Geelong Awards for People with a Disability.

Chloe has recently appeared in ground breaking short film Jeremy the Dud, featured in radio and television interviews, and also contributed an article to REALISE magazine about how Autism affected her schooling life.

Below Chloe answers a few questions about how winning the Achiever Award kick started a great year.

What did winning the Achiever Award mean to you last year?

Winning the award last year was the most incredible, exciting experience. I can’t even explain what was running through my head when they said my name.

Overall, it was a representation of what I’ve accomplished, and above all, it showed not only other people, but myself as well that what I was doing was in fact important. That it did have an impact. And that it was enough to be recognised in such a significant way

Having struggled so much throughout my childhood and being told by teachers, professionals, and peers that I would never amount to anything, being able to have a significant, physical representation of what I have accomplished and what my entire mission is about is incredible.

It’s shown me that a label means absolutely nothing. That different doesn’t define you. That what you can do is above and beyond what you can’t do….. and that no matter what the world says, if you genuinely believe that you can do something, to never let anyone tell you any different.

It’s shown me that what I’m doing is important, and that’s something that’s a really cool feeling.

Did you enjoy being part of the awards process?

I absolutely loved it! Being part of the awards was such an incredible experience. Seeing so many incredible people who have done the most amazing, inspiring things, and being able to be part of that group was incredible. This community has so many inspiring people in it, and it’s so exciting that there’s such a ginormous event to celebrate it.

Would you recommend people consider about putting in nominations for the 2018 awards?

There’s nothing but good that can come from you applying. There’s so many incredible people around doing amazing things, and the more that we celebrate them, the better.

For more information about the Geelong Awards for People with a Disability and to nominate visit the City of Greater Geelong website.

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