Karen in her DEA home

Empowering Karen: Independence Reclaimed

In the heart of every challenge lies an opportunity for transformation, and Karen is a true testament to this.

At 67 years old, Karen’s life took an unexpected turn when she experienced a stroke.

Now confined to a wheelchair, she found herself living in her daughter’s loungeroom and in need of daily support. That is until Karen came to Silver Wattle – a new specialist disability accommodation (SDA) with on-site shared supports (OOS) provided by genU.

Silver Wattle offered Karen not just a home, but an opportunity for more freedom, thanks to the 24/7 carer support, assistive technology, and home modifications.

“I’ve become more independent again,” Karen shares.

“When I first had the stroke, I couldn’t do anything. I just sat in the chair. To me it wasn’t me. But now, nothing’s stopping me; I just keep going and do everything. I do it cautiously and make sure I’m doing the right thing for me.”

While Karen loves her freedom, she finds comfort in knowing staff are there to help her when she needs.

“I can go out but the support is here when I come home. Last week was the first week I went out in the evening and the support was here to put me to bed when I got home.”

The accessible smart home features of Silver Wattle have also proven useful.  

“If I need anything during the night, I use the technology to get someone…and they’re here as quick as anything,” she explains.

Reflecting on her past, Karen offers some advice…

“At first, it’s hard. You just think why did it happen to me, but then you just look at yourself and think you’re still living and you gotta keep going, and doing the best you can.”

Today, Karen’s family is at ease knowing she is happy and has plenty of room to move around and live the way she wants to.

There are currently vacancies at our newest Specialist Disability Accommodation, Silver Wattle in Geelong. Contact us to find out more.

Silver Wattle was developed by Emerge Living in partnership with genU.