Future rosy for our former head office at Riverview Terrace

genU is pleased to announce a new chapter for its former head office at Riverview Terrace, in Belmont, Geelong, with a developer specialising in reinvigorating heritage-listed sites buying the property.

genU has arranged a long settlement with the buyer to allow time to consult with current users to ensure their individual and group needs are met as they consider new program locations. This is a location shift only for our programs, which will continue as usual.

genU has informed our clients and their families who currently take part in activities at Riverview Terrace about the sale. We have assured them we will support them every step of the way as our programs transition next year to existing community venues, where their activities will continue.

genU will incorporate its history, including honour boards, from Riverview Terrace, our head office prior to our genU Support Hub, which was purpose-built in 2019 to accommodate our growth. 

It was important for us to identify a buyer who appreciated the history of the Riverview Terrace site, which is also known as Kardinia House. The buyer has a passion for redeveloping heritage-listed sites, and expertise in enhancing properties while maintaining their historical integrity. We are confident the new owner will create an exciting vision to reinvigorate this landmark Geelong property.