genU endorsed as a Disability Confident Recruiter

genU has demonstrated its commitment to accessible, inclusive and equitable recruitment by becoming a Disability Confident Recruiter.

The annual endorsement from the Australian Network on Disability is an important component in genU’s vision to build inclusive communities.

“Our goal is to be a truly inclusive workplace where people with a disability can be empowered to tap into their strengths and reach their potential every single day, and as a valuable member of our workforce” genU CEO, Clare Amies said.

“Our people are our greatest asset, and this endorsement is recognition that genU is equipped with the skills, knowledge and practices to recruit and onboard candidates with disability.”

Head of People and Culture, Zemeel Saba said genU had already experienced the value of inclusive recruitment practices in the organisation.

“People with disability bring many talents and skills to teams and their lived experience is a valuable asset, especially when it comes to improving workplace inclusion, culture and client experience,” Zemeel said.

“We had many existing accessibility measures in place, yet the endorsement process enabled us to add new practices to attract and support skilled people living with disability.”

“We were able to identify and remove unintended barriers in our recruitment and onboarding processes such as technological and physical barriers, plus build the confidence and capability of our Talent Acquisition team via tailored training to enhance disability attraction and retention.”

The benefits of inclusion

A diverse workforce that includes people with a disability brings several benefits to employers, including:
• A more productive and engaged workforce.
• Better problem-solving capabilities.
• Enhanced employee retention rates and loyalty.
• A positive reputation in the market.

genU is proud to be one of more than 350 organisations across Australia accredited with the status. Visit our Careers page to find out more about working at genU.

Visit for more about becoming a Disability-Confident Recruiter.

About genU

genU is a national ‘profit-for-purpose’ organisation delivering high-quality training, employment, aged care, childcare and disability services and support across Australia.

Our 3600+ workforce is united in our mission – to empower people in communities across the country to reach their full potential. Watch our Grassroots to genU video to find out more about our 70+ year history of building inclusive communities.

genU employee Danielle walking outside the genu Support Hub in Highton, Geelong with her Lions hearing dog, Honey who is a mini labradoodle.
genU Employee, Danielle Gumina joined genU in 2013 and has hearing dog, Honey to support her at work and home.