Graphic showing a group of diverse people and abilities

International Day of People with Disability 3 December

International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) marks an important day in the calendar for genU. Our organisation was founded upon building inclusive communities and raising awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability is core to our services and support.

The United Nations observed day is an opportunity to reflect and recognise that every day is an opportunity to ensure the equitable inclusion of people with disability in all areas of life.

It’s important to recognise we can all make a difference and working together in equal partnership with people who have disability is key to building inclusive communities.

Our belief is that we are best equipped to undertake our work when we embrace the lived experience as a knowledge base to learn and grow from. The sharing of lived experience provides us with insight into the many complexities of disability, as well as profound moments of achievement.

It’s vital that time is invested into togetherness – appreciating and understanding a person’s experience with humility, respect and open-mindedness. The impact is often so much more than we see or assume for people with disability, and their family and carers.

This year, we encourage you to ‘look beyond’ disability and celebrate people and their stories. By listening to the experiences of people with disability, and recognising their unique talents, skills and interests, we can challenge our own perceptions about disability and make positive changes in the community.

Find out more about genU’s Disability Support Services here.