Fill the MCG 48 times and you still wouldn’t have enough room for everyone who’s watched it.

It’s not The Bachelor finale, not the latest Hollywood blockbuster, but the trailer for a short film out of Geelong called Jeremy the Dud.

Produced by genU, Jeremy is the brainchild of local director Ryan Chamley, who enlisted his Robot Army Productions team to create a 20-minute pilot with a difference.

The film will be released on November 2 via YouTube.

The reason the film’s preview has resonated with so many people – 4.82 million people worldwide, and rising daily – is surely its touching role reversals. Nearly every character in the film has a disability, and the rare few that don’t are labelled ‘duds’.Jeremy the Dud productionJeremy, the titular dud (played by Bondi Hipsters and Soul Mates star Nick Boshier), receives the same condescending remarks and deals with the same isolation that people with a disability experience in our ‘regular’ world on a repeated basis.

This flipping of standards puts a spotlight on the plight of people with a disability and challenges those watching to reconsider how they treat others. Judging by initial feedback, Jeremy the Dud has achieved just that. The trailer’s global reach – having hit the eyeballs of more than 10 million people, according to Facebook’s metrics – continues to astound.

Despite its local bent – all actors are Australian, and the film was shot entirely in Geelong – more than 60 per cent of viewers are from overseas. Barely a day passes that someone doesn’t contact the page asking if the film will be able to be seen in the US!

Among all the overwhelmingly positive feedback, one of the most well-received comments reads: “The opportunity that this show just (gave) to so many people who wouldn’t normally get the chance to perform is what makes me happiest!”

One look at the smiles on the actors’ faces (all the film’s extras are genU participants) tells you everything you need to know.

We might just make superstars out of them yet.

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