We are pleased to report there are no current or reported cases of COVID in any genU disability supported accommodation and aged care services, including no known cases at Costa House aged care in Lara.

While the Victorian Government has eased restrictions in regional Victoria, the Care Facilities Directions regarding visitors to aged care facilities remain the same.

genU has taken additional measures to review staffing arrangements and implement further measures and improvements to ensure social distancing between staff.

These include:

  • Separating lunch rooms at Costa House in Lara to reduce the movement of staff through the building.
  • Reviewing rostering arrangements at all aged and disability sites to identify ways to reduce potential staff crossover.
  • Reducing movement of staff who work across sites.
  • Undertaking constant assessment to ensure all staff are using Personal Protective Equipment correctly.
  • All genU aged and supported accommodation sites have a dedicated nurse advisor to provide clinical and other support.

GenU is committed to keeping you informed with regular updates on how we are keeping participants, families and staff safe, in line with current government directions.

The Victorian Government has announced updated restrictions in Melbourne and regional Victoria. You can view these directions by clicking here.

While these restrictions present challenges for genU participants and staff, we will continue to provide limited face-to-face services from our sites for participants who need to attend in person for their own health and wellbeing, or if they have parents or carers who are essential workers.

GenU employees in all service areas have received training to ensure we are providing COVID safe workplaces.

GenU COVID safe workplace changes have included:

  • Regular cleaning and disinfecting of all sites.
  • Access to hand sanitiser and face masks.
  • Temperature checks for staff and participants when they arrive at sites.
  • Limits on attendance at sites so that physical distancing can occur.

We will also continue to support genU participants in their own homes or through online delivery such as Zoom Sessions. Importantly, our staff who are supporting participants in their own home have their own hand sanitiser and face masks and will observe social distancing where possible.

All visitors to Costa House Aged Care in Lara must book visiting appointments in order to manage the number of people at that site at any one time. We have contacted families directly about these changes and will continue to keep them informed.

As you will be aware, COVID developments require a rapidly changing response, and we may need to make further changes in line with any updated government directions.

If we are required to make any changes we will be in contact with participants and families individually to discuss these changes.

Please stay safe at this time and know that we will continue to provide you with whatever support we can within government directions. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your local genU representative.

PLEASE NOTE – This update focuses on changes to Victorian services. If you receive genU-related services outside of Victoria, please speak to your local contact for your latest service update.

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