New opportunities for Tasmanians living with disability

Tasmanian disability support provider Li-Ve Tasmania is set to unite with genU.

In line with its strategic objectives, Li-Ve Tasmania has been actively seeking the best partnership opportunity to achieve the right size, service-mix and diversification for long-term sustainability, and sees genU as the ideal partner.

Both organisations share a long history in providing high-quality, person-centred disability services within regional communities, and strong values and culture.

From left to right: Darren Mathewson, Li-Ve Tasmania CEO, Jan O’Keefe, genU Board member, Clare Amies, genU CEO, Leanne Meehan, genU Board member

From left to right:
Darren Mathewson, Li-Ve Tasmania CEO
Jan O’Keefe, genU Board member
Clare Amies, genU CEO
Leanne Meehan, genU Board member

Li-Ve Tasmania CEO Darren Mathewson said they have undertaken detailed due diligence and directly engaged stakeholders to confirm the merger is in the best interests of all and will be successful for the long term.

“In genU, a regional provider like us, we have identified a diverse, large and highly capable organisation that shares a passion for its people and has a growing presence across Australia,” he said.

“Importantly, our Tasmanian disability support staff and services will continue to support our current participants, families and communities.

“The united organisation will also be well-positioned to enhance existing services and accommodation and invest in new services.

“I am confident that this is the best decision to ensure a strong and successful future for our participants,” said Mathewson.

Clare Amies, genU CEO, said its wide range of disability, aged care, employment and other services will provide new opportunities for Tasmanians living with disability.

“Through the combined strength of our organisations, we will be able to continue providing high-quality services and supports, as well as create pathways to benefit clients and provide greater career opportunities for staff,” she said.

“The benefit of local knowledge combined with national expertise, together with a shared commitment to empowering the people we support and building inclusive communities, will bring a greater breadth and depth to the services and support available to Tasmanian’s living with disability.

“Our immediate focus is on close communication and collaboration with all clients, staff and stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition process and positive experience with genU, and we are really excited about working within Tasmanian communities,” said Amies.

genU will provide Tasmanian offices and local leadership to cement its commitment and long-term interest in Tasmania.

The two organisations will work through a detailed transition process until Li-Ve Tasmania officially becomes part of genU on 1 July 2023.