Shared values foster positive social impact

A commitment to using suppliers with shared values inspired Pholklore to partner with genU, resulting in smoother operations and a positive social impact. 
For owner Domenic Friend, founding the family-operated business with restaurants in Geelong and Torquay wasn’t just a tribute to the authentic cuisine he enjoyed while living in Vietnam. He also wanted to recognise his career in disability services. 
“Before getting into the restaurant industry, I spent some time working in disability services,” Dom said.

“When it came to setting up Pholklore, I knew I wanted suppliers who shared similar values of community impact, sustainability and affordability.” 

Dom had heard about genU from a friend and was keen to learn more about how genU could support him to provide opportunities for people living with disability. Being able to make a positive difference in their lives was a driving factor. 

Using genU’s commercial food preparation services has been fantastic for the team at Pholklore. It has improved efficiency in kitchen operations, giving them more time to focus on the food while nurturing a family-friendly atmosphere to bring people together. 
“Teaming up with genU Business Enterprises has been a game-changer for us,” Dom said.

“Their support has helped us run smoother operations, especially with things like pre-prepped veggies. That means less time chopping and more time perfecting our dishes for our customers. Plus, having a genU location nearby makes ordering a breeze and helps to keep our kitchen running more efficiently.

“Our partnership with genU isn’t just about business – it’s about making a positive change in our community. By working together, we’re not only supporting individuals with disabilities but also spreading good vibes throughout our neighbourhood.”  

Dom encourages other businesses looking to make a difference to partner with social enterprises like genU.

“Find partners who share your values, and together, let’s create a community where everyone has equal opportunity.”

Supporting you, your way

Are you looking to streamline business operations while doing good in the community? At genU, our Business Enterprises team provide a wide range of productivity solutions to Victorian businesses – from food preparation to document shredding, warehousing and packaging, land care, commercial laundering and more.

By hiring us for your business services, you’ll also be helping kick-start the careers of people living with disability. Learn more.