Looking to live the inner-city life independently in Northcote?

There is a vacancy available in this cosy, homey property that’s in the heart of Northcote – situated between High Street, Northcote and Fairfield Village.

With cafes, shops and supermarkets all close to the house, this is an ideal lifestyle property!

The property is also right next door to Dennis train station and there are bus stops within 2 minutes’ walk.


About the house:

This property is split over 2 units, with 2 bedrooms in each unit and staff sleepover room in the front unit. The current vacancy is in the back unit of the property. Overnight supports are shared with the front unit (inactive sleepover).

This unit has 2 bedrooms, 2 lounge spaces, a kitchen, single toilet and a shared bathroom. The property is awaiting bathroom renovations to make the bathroom more open and accessible.

There is a courtyard out the back, a shared BBQ space and a garage.

  • Housing type: Improved Liveability SDA
  • SDA Provider: DFFH
  • SIL Provider: genU

  • Must be aged 18 years and over
  • The applicant is eligible for SIL and is able to secure an appropriate level of recurrent funding in their NDIS Plan
  • The applicant is eligible for and able to secure NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation funding
  • The fabric of the apartment is suitable to meet the support requirements of the applicant, or the fabric of the apartment can be readily modified to meet the individual’s support requirements.
  • The applicant has the financial means to pay rent, which is set at 25% of DSP plus 100% of Commonwealth Rental Assistance.
  • The applicant has the financial means to pay for household and general living costs e.g. utilities, food, etc.
  • The applicant is willing for genU Karingal St Laurence to be their SIL service provider and is prepared to sign a service agreement with genU Karingal St Laurence.
  • The applicant is prepared to sign a Specialist Disability Accommodation Service Agreement with DFFH.