URB-X: Experience An Urban Cultural Adventure

Looking for a visual and sensory urban culture adventure? We’ve got you covered.

With URB-X, you’ll travel locally, rurally and closer to inner Melbourne in search of urban art experiences. You’ll visit art exhibitions, pop-up galleries, sculptures, installations, and street art locations.

Experience it for yourself!

Urban Art Programs

Currently based out of the Mornington Peninsula, we’ll help you to travel around Melbourne and experience the richness that urban art experiences can offer.

You’ll be encouraged to document your experiences on your camera or smartphone. You’ll learn to experiment with your photography to explore new ways of capturing moments. The support team will also guide you to edit and digitally enhance your photos to create a portfolio of your artwork.

Activities with URB-X

URB-X isn’t just any ordinary art program. You’ll have access to an exciting range of activities, excursions and mediums that you may not have ever tried before!

This includes creating your own art using:

  • Spray paint
  • Drone technology (taking photos in specific locations)
  • Stencils & stickers that you create yourself
  • Photography

And going on adventures across Melbourne to:

  • Visit markets and sample street food
  • Check out local galleries
  • Participate and see art installations
  • Gain an appreciation for street art