Find Your Way with genU GAMER

Discover how the power of gaming can help you level-up social skills and build resilience!

The world can often seem unfriendly, confusing, and even frightening. Many times, it just makes no sense at all, and it can feel like you don’t belong.

If only life was as easy to understand as the games you love to play.

It’s for this reason that we built genU GAMER. It’s a safe and inclusive mental health program especially for gamers.

We use gaming to build confidence in those who struggle with isolation.

How can genU GAMER help me?

Created by gamers, for gamers — our programs are adapted to your needs and goals.

Sessions connect you with peers that share your love of gaming and pop culture.

Previous gamers have used our program to:

  • Overcome bullying and isolation to finish high school.
  • Reengage with friends and family.
  • Overcome social anxiety. Some participants have even attended major concerts, sporting events, and the PAX gaming convention.
  • Achieve volunteer and employment goals.

genU GAMER is primarily focused on youth and young adult mental health. We also specialise in assisting young people with Level 1 Autism and ADHD.

What kind of programs are there? 

We welcome brand new or experienced players to any of our programs. These include:

  • Console Gaming: No matter the console you prefer — XBOX, PlayStation, or Nintendo — we have you covered.
  • Role Playing Games: Grab some dice and a character sheet and join with other players for exciting adventures. Games include the classic Dungeons and Dragons and a range of other RPGs.
  • Rainbow RPG: Enjoy gaming with other members of the Rainbow community. This group understands the challenges you face identifying as LGBTQIA+.
  • Board & Card Gaming: Join fellow gamers who want to share their favourite games with you and who are eager to find out about the games you want to play.
  • Wargaming and Minis Painting: Including Warhammer 40K and just about any other wargame you can think of!
  • Social Media: Make podcasts, vlogs, create a Youtube or Twitch channel. As part of the GAMER TV or GAMER Podcast team, you will find out how to create, edit and deliver awesome online content to have your voice heard.

Who runs our sessions?

Our facilitators are a unique crew of specialists:

Our GAMER Vanguards specialise in console gaming, table top gaming and miniature painting.

Our Dragon Wranglers specialise in Dungeons and Dragons and other table top role-playing games.

All our facilitators train in mental health and/or youth services.

Their mission is to support you link everything you discover and achieve in our programs to real world scenarios.

At GAMER we use imagined worlds to assist build better realities!

Get involved! 

genU GAMER currently operates out of Geelong, Werribee, Colac and Northcote.

Select GAMER programs available via online, that cater to regional, remote and interstate participants.

We have youth-focused programs for people under 18 years old, as well as sessions for young adults.

The best way to know if GAMER is for you is to contact us and organise a time for a meet and greet.

Here you can tell us all about the games and things you love, we can show you GAMER, and answer all your questions. If you like what you hear and see, we can then set up a free trial session with a group that is meaningful for you.