Belmont Shared Living Vacancy

We have an existing property in the heart of Belmont, located 3 kms from the Geelong CBD. The location offers immediate access to High Street Belmont, local supermarkets, health clinics and public transport.

The property is managed by genU and is located at 14 Amundsen Street, Belmont to cater for the independent needs of successful applicants whilst offering support.

We are seeking expressions of interest from prospective applicants looking to live in their own unit with support on-site via support staff. Currently we have a mix of males and females living on the premises.

Belmont Shared Living Vacancy

Support Information

  • Housing Type – SDA – Specialist Disability accommodation – High Physical Support
  • SDA Provider – Specialist Disability Accommodation Australia Pty Ltd (SDAAUS) Pty Ltd
  • SIL – genU Karingal St Laurence
  • Design of the developments – Features two interconnected units, one unit comprising two bedrooms and the other four bedrooms allowing for social interaction when desired
  • Assistive technology
  • On site staff available for support

Enquiries and Applications to:

Phone: 1300 558 368

Factors to consider if you are interested in applying:

Must be aged 18 years and over.
The applicant is eligible for SIL and is able to secure an appropriate level of recurrent funding in their NDIS Plan
The applicant is eligible for and able to secure NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation funding
The applicant’s personal characteristics match those that are also going to be moving into the house.
The fabric of the house is suitable to meet the support requirements of the applicant, or the fabric of the house can be readily modified to meet the individual’s support requirements.
Applicant has the financial means to pay rent which is set at 25% of DSP plus 100% of Commonwealth Rental Assistance.
The applicant has the financial means to pay for household and general living costs e.g. utilities, food, etc.
The applicant is willing for genU Karingal St Laurence to be their SIL service provider and is prepared to sign a service agreement with genU Karingal St Laurence.

genU Karingal St Laurence