Are you an aspiring artist or writer? Perhaps you like to play sport? Whatever your passion is, we can help you join activities that interest you.

genU Adventure

Our Adventure program is all about you having cool new experiences in a fun and friendly group-based setting.

Ever imagined yourself abseiling, surfing, bike riding, fishing or sailing? Our qualified adventure and sport mentors will give you all the support and confidence you need to try exciting activities. We also offer a yearly schedule of school holiday programs and camps.

We tailor all our programs to suit your individual goals. Maybe you want to focus on team-building, personal development, increasing your confidence, getting fitter, eating healthier or all of the above.

genU Adventure has helped hundreds of people like you achieve goals they never thought were possible. You could be next!

Participant in rowing for people with a disability

Arts Unlimited

Get creative! With Arts Unlimited, you get to use our professional art studios to develop your skills in drawing, painting, screen printing, fine art, ceramics, papier mache, mosaics and photography.

We also combine organised art classes and practice environments so you can learn at your own pace.

Our curriculum-based, assessed program is part of our MyPath program – it’s a great option if you want a little more structure around your creative learning.

Arts Unlimited also includes options for those who want less formal art practice and the opportunity to socialise and enjoy art.

Our qualified, practising artists will help you choose your own projects and work independently. You decide how much support and skill development you want.

The best part about Arts Unlimited? You have the chance to show and sell your works in exhibitions and gallery spaces across genU’s networks in Victoria.

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