The genU Applied Gaming programs have been specifically designed to cater to the needs of young people that struggle with social interaction due to depression, anxiety and high functioning autism.

Through the use of purpose adapted gaming hobbies, participants, as part of a group of peers, are encouraged and guided to learn and leverage the following skills in a structured, inclusive and fun environment:

  • Self-Identity and confidence
  • Beneficial communication for presenting ideas, wants and needs.
  • Understanding consequence of actions.
  • Frustration tolerance.
  • Understanding the needs and wants of others.
  • Problem solving.
  • Teamwork and its value in achieving larger goals.
  • An understanding of the value of perseverance, self-development and the management of short and long term goals.

We currently have three programs available:

Through the use of table-top role playing games, like the famous Dungeons and Dragons, this program allows participants to develop effective communication, coping and socialisation skills. Participants play characters they create, that are members of an adventuring party that explore worlds of action, danger and intrigue. Because the best way to overcome the challenges and obstacles encountered are through team work, the game promotes social interaction between players organically.

Any genre can be played, from sword and sorcery style fantasy, to star-faring science fiction and everything in-between.

Think of the program as a collective story telling experience, where the players have complete control of the main characters, with their actions and choices having tangible and responsive outcomes and consequences.

The games used in this program are not your average UNO or Monopoly. Selected for their cooperative, team building and social interaction value, we have a wide library of board and card games that caters to most tastes and player ability.

A new addition to the Applied Games family, this program leverages selected game titles on PC, console and hand held devices to promote the same key elements of the Applied RPG and Applied Board Game programs.

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