The genU Applied Gaming programs have been specifically designed to cater to the needs of people that find social interaction and using interpersonal skills challenging. There are many reasons why individuals find isolating themselves preferable. It could be due to mental health factors such as bullying, anxiety or depression or it could be due to Autism Spectrum disorder. Whatever the reason, we can assist you in breaking down the barriers and help you discover your Tribe!

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Why try GAMER?

Through the use of purpose adapted gaming hobbies, participants, as part of a group of peers, are encouraged and guided to learn and leverage the following skills in a structured, inclusive and fun environment:

  • Self-Identity and confidence
  • Beneficial communication for presenting ideas, wants and needs.
  • Understanding consequence of actions.
  • Frustration tolerance.
  • Understanding the needs and wants of others.
  • Problem solving.
  • Teamwork and its value in achieving larger goals.
  • An understanding of the value of perseverance, self-development and the management of short and long term goals.


genU GAMER on the Gaming with Gage Podcast

Want to know how this unique program got started?

Hear from Paris Conte, the creator of genU GAMER. In an episode of the Gaming with Gage podcast, Paris tells the story of how he came to create the program and the incredible success stories he’s seen along the way — all thanks to the power of gaming.

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Welcome Heidi

genU GAMER would like to officially welcome Heidi to our team. True gamers don’t just love gaming, they love to share gaming experiences with everybody. Heidi brings that passion to GAMER and has hit the ground running. Heidi is a video gamer, board gamer and a role-playing gamer. Currently she is working on a number of adventures and settings for upcoming RPG sessions that will appeal to a wide range of gamers. We can’t wait to see what she is creating come to life on the gaming table!


This program is LGBTQIA+ inclusive










We currently have three programs available:

genU Karingal St Laurence