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Treat Your Staff with Corporate Gifts and Hampers

Looking for a way to treat colleagues or business partners?

Order our corporate gifts and hampers, featuring delicious treats from The Otway Kitchen and Seasons Cafes.

Our options for food hampers and gifts are both thoughtful and practical, no matter the size and scale of your order.

Your Solution for Corporate Gifts

Whether they’re for a special occasion or just to say thanks, you’ll find the perfect gift solution with our hampers and gift baskets.

Our Corporate Gifts and Hampers are perfect for:

  • Employee end-of-year gifts
  • Corporate and thank you gifts
  • Award hampers

And much more.

What’s Included

The Otway Kitchen produces a huge range of tasty, home-made jams, sauces, chutneys and other preserves that make for great small gifts or bundled together for larger hampers.

Our team at Seasons Cafes and Catering is also able to provide a bespoke gift option that suits your needs.

We’ve got experience in creating custom designed cookies, large slabs of brownies or a combo pack of baked goods.

Get in touch with us and we’ll find an option that works for you!

Work with a Social Enterprise

Seasons Cafes and Catering exists as both a non-profit and a social enterprise. What’s a social enterprise? Glad you asked! It’s an organisation that’s driven by purpose and having a social impact. To put it simply, it’s a business that exists to do good.

Every purchase of a corporate gift and hamper package helps kick-start the careers of people living with a disability.

Our staff helps with every aspect of the process, from helping out with taking the order, to packaging and delivering the hampers themselves.