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Bring your corporate responsibility vision to life

Partner with us in our Inclusion program to bring your business’s corporate responsibility goals to life in a unique way that inspires, educates, and energises your team.

 Since 2003, we’ve partnered with over 325 businesses and 500 community organisations on both small and large initiatives that had made our community more inclusive.

Become a Member

When your organisation becomes a genu Inclusion Member, you’ll open the door to a network of like-minded businesses who celebrate diversity.

As well supporting genU’s work to empower people to reach their potential, an annual membership gives you access to unique opportunities that help you build great teams and build your business.

Corporate volunteering

genU Inclusion Members have access to a range of unique and rewarding Corporate Volunteering options. Through direct involvement and support of inclusive initiatives, program and events, your team can come together and connect in fun and meaningful ways.

  • Be part of genU inclusive events such as the Workplace Big Day Out, the Big Night Out, Golf Day and the artX Exhibition series.
  • Take a tour of genU social enterprises that provide meaningful employment opportunities for people living with disability.
  • Visit and support genU’s Participate programs created for people living with disability. This includes genU Adventure, which uses sport and recreation activities to support people with disability to try new things and reach new goals in a fun and friendly group-based setting.

A valuable benefit of your membership are exclusive invitations to networking events and sponsorship opportunities to build your brand and profile. Our regular breakfast events not only provide you with an opportunity to network with like-minded people from organisations who share you passion for the local community, but you’ll also hear from inspiring individuals making a difference in our region.

Are you looking for ways your business can give back and make a positive impact in the community? Contact us to find out more about starting your Membership and becoming a Partner.

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