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Enhance Your Lifestyle with genU Participate

Socialising can be pretty daunting sometimes, but it’s easy with someone by your side every step of the way.

That’s why we created genU Participate – a program that offers lots of different lifestyle activities.

Feel more confident getting out and about, making new friends and learning new skills.

Create meaningful connections and engage with activities, including arts, crafts, cooking, gaming, music and more!

Get Involved

The best thing about genU Participate is that we’ll tailor activities to suit you. We listen to what you tell us about your abilities, interests and how you prefer to join in. We know that you’ll have more fun when you’re comfortable.

Join our group activities, or choose 1-on-1 support to boost your confidence before you come along.

From dancing and acting to walking and swimming, there’s a program you’ll enjoy. So, let’s work together to build your social skills and confidence and create meaningful connections.

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Our Services

The Cottage

The Cottage provides in-centre day support programs and activities in the community for people aged 50+.

The Zone

When you come to The Zone you get to spend your day, your way. We provide day options for young adults in Hobart aged 14-28.


Looking for a visual and sensory urban culture adventure? Travel locally, rurally and closer to inner Melbourne in search of urban art experiences.


Socialising in the community is what life is all about! Check out how we specialise in supporting people of all ages and disabilities to seize the day.

genU Adventure

Have a cool new experience, in a friendly, group-based setting! That's what the Adventure program is all about. Take a look at how you can achieve goals that you never thought were possible!


Discover how the power of gaming can help level-up social skills and build resilience. Learn all about how gaming helps participants, what to expect from a session, and how you can get involved!

genU Arts

Looking to get more creative? We offer a wide range of art programs, all designed to help you embrace your creativity and express yourself.