Get Involved with genU Adventure

Do you have a need for adventure and a keen spirit that pushes you to want to try new things? Have you ever imagined yourself abseiling, surfing, bike riding, fishing or sailing? Yes? Excellent, keep on reading!

Whatever your passion is, join activities that interest you! Our qualified adventure and sports mentors will give you all the support and confidence you need to try exciting, new activities.

New Experiences

Our genU Adventure program is all about you having cool new experiences in a fun and friendly group-based setting.

When you have a group of people behind you, backing you all the way, nothing is off-limits. Whatever your goal, genU Adventure can help you get there.

We offer a yearly schedule of school holiday programs and camps. Our camps support you to spend time creating meaningful connections. And, really, why should the fun stop after just 1 day? It shouldn’t!

Achieve Your Goals

Because everyone has different goals, we build all our programs to suit individuals. Maybe you want to focus on team-building, personal development, increasing your confidence, getting fitter, eating healthier, or all of the above.

We don’t want to brag (but we will anyway!): genU Adventure has helped hundreds of people like you to achieve goals they never thought were possible.

You could be next!