Physical Health and Wellbeing Services

Helping Employment Service Providers get participants job-ready and working 

Empower your participants to progress towards employment goals and outcomes with our tailored physical health and wellbeing programs.

We help job seekers overcome health and wellbeing barriers through assessments and treatment by ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

Our services are tailored for people with injuries, health conditions, or disability who are in Employment Services programs.

We utilise a fast-tracked reporting system where we highlight participants who are progressing towards employment within six sessions.

How we can support your participants to job success

Our team supports people to overcome physical health and wellbeing barriers to work. Our programs and services are delivered over six sessions.

All participants undergo a Work Readiness Assessment to evaluate:

  • Current work capacity
  • Employment goals
  • Barriers to employment
  • Health and wellbeing issues.

Other programs and services can include:

  • Pre- employment screening, assessment and intervention
  • Employment functional capacity assessment
  • Individualised intervention (sessions can be completed on site, local gym/park or hydrotherapy)
  • Physically Preparing for Work (group program)
  • In-work support (post-placement support to review tasks, identify modifications and other supports)
  • Post-employment testing.

Physical health and wellbeing support can be delivered one-on-one or in group settings. Services are available in-person, online or via telehealth.

Individual programs

Our one-on-one programs are tailored to help participants with physical health and lifestyle barriers to progress more quickly towards employment.

Participants can access six sessions tailored to their needs.

  • 1 x Initial assessment (75 minutes)
  • 1 x Employment functional capacity evaluation (75 minutes)
  • 4 x 60 minute intervention sessions to address barriers to employment.

Interventions include:

  • Pre- and post-surgery or injury rehabilitation
  • Health education and advice including condition management and treatment options
  • Lifestyle management to improve wellbeing including (sleep, diet, managing stress, routine and motivation)
  • Chronic pain assessment and management
  • Improving functional ability to walk, stand, bend, lift, push, pull and carry for employment
  • Exploring other career options based on capacity.

For Workforce Australia participants, our programs and services help meet mutual obligation requirements under the Points Based Activation System.

Group program

In our group programs participants build their capacity and resilience to be able to progress more quickly towards sustainable employment.

The Preparing Physically for Work program is delivered by our Accredited Exercise Physiologists. It supports participants’ physical health, general wellbeing and readiness and capacity for employment.

In the program participants are assisted with:

  • Managing physical conditions
  • Managing pain and fatigue symptoms
  • Manual handling skills
  • Improving motivation including setting a routine and increasing physical activity.

Group programs are designed to set positive routines, facilitate community and social connections and improve motivation.

Service delivery model:

  • 2 x 3-hour sessions

For Workforce Australia participants, the Medical/Health Related Interventions program aligns to the Points Based Activation System and will help participants meet mutual obligation requirements.

Eligible participants are connected to:

  • Career Transition Assistance (CTA)
  • Disability Employment Services (DES)
  • Employability Skills Training (EST)
  • Job Access
  • Parents Next
  • Transition to Work (TtW)
  • Workforce Australia.

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