Will a genU support student is stocking produce at a local supermarket.

Supports for students

Help with your work experience and structured workplace learning

If you are a young person of working age currently in high school, you are most likely looking to complete work experience or a Structured Workplace Learning (SWL). Work Experience and SWL gives students insights into the industry of their choice, to learn about careers and to develop workplace skills by immersing students in real-world environments.

Some students may require supplementary work experience to complement what’s available through the school curriculum or require extra support in the workplace if they can’t be there independently. genU has Employment Mentors who are able to assist students in the workplace with any support needs they have to be successful.

How does it work?

If you are an NDIS participant and require extra supports with your Work Experience or Structured Workplace Learning to be successful in your placement, genU may be able to help.  

Everyone’s experience and requirements are different, you’ll be matched with an Employment Pathways Mentor who will work with you, your family, your school, and the employer to discuss your goals and what supports you will need on the job for your placement to be a success. genU is here to compliment the supports your school is providing and assist with any additional needs.

Your Employment Pathways Mentor can:

  • Provide 1:1 support to you and the employer in the workplace
  • Onsite mentoring and coaching
  • Assist with discussions about job modifications if needed to suit your skills and abilities
  • Complete workplace assessments and provide feedback on areas of strength and other areas that may require further development
  • Travel training  assist with independence to and from the workplace
  • Assistance with visual aids or assistive technology.

Part time work

You might be ready for a part time job but just don’t know where to start in finding one? genU’s Employment Pathways Mentors can work with you to prepare for work and find a job.

This could include:

  • Preparing a resume and applications
  • Practicing interview skills
  • Understanding workplace expectations
  • Organising a tax file number and bank account
  • Exploring what work is right for you
  • Job searching
  • Negotiating with employers to customise a role that’s right for your skills
  • Supports for you and your employer in the workplace

Pathways Planning

You might need some time to discover and plan what your career future looks like. genU will help you through our comprehensive discovery and action plan process.

Together we will:

  • Explore your strengths and skills
  • Identify your interests and how they align to work.
  • Help you understand workplace expectations
  • Prepare for work
  • Explore courses, certificates and further training
  • And much more!

Supports for students is currently offered across:

  • Geelong
  • Western Melbourne
  • Brimbank
  • Melton and Bacchus Marsh
  • Ballarat
  • South East Melbourne
  • Bayside Peninsula
  • North East Melbourne
  • Metropolitan Adelaide

If you would like more information about what supports you think are right for you, call our customer service team or fill out the enquiry form below.

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