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1-on-1 Aged Care Individual Support

To give you the power to self-manage your own care, we’ve designed individual support.

We empower you with 1-on-1 active support with daily life. Keep your independence and easily reach your potential in the most comfortable way.

Keep your independence and kick some goals (metaphorically speaking)!

Individual Support

Individual support care can include (but certainly isn’t limited to):

  • Community participation
  • Personal care
  • Home care

As well as helping out around your home and in your community, we’ll give you plenty of advocacy support and information so that you can make the right choices for your care.

Service Coordinators

Our talented service coordinators will work their magic, giving you handy hints and tangible tips to help you coordinate your care services.

It’s important to know who’s who. Our permanent rostering system grants you the confidence of having friendly, familiar faces working with you.

Plus, we’re always there for you when you need us. Get in touch via our on-call service that operates after working hours and on weekends.

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