Caronlab have used genU’s Business Enterprises for more than 20 years. Caronlab CEO Greg Ure holds a 2018 plaque recognising the partnership: 1 millionth item packed milestone

A 20-year collaboration is good for business and creating jobs

Through its 20-year partnership with genU Business Enterprises, Caronlab has contributed to the creation of countless Supported Employment opportunities for people with disability.

Caronlab manufactures waxing and beauty products for the international professional market, as well as Waxaway and other retail products sold through Australian pharmacies. CEO Greg Ure has chosen genU Business Enterprises to assist in packaging products for distribution, with genU Supported Employees working on-site until 2019, and now at genU’s Douro Street location.

Caronlab have used genU Business Enterprises for more than 20 years. Caronlab CEO Greg Ure holds a 2018 plaque recognising the partnership (1 millionth item packed milestone).

“I use genU to do my work because it makes perfectly good business sense. I get good return for the money I spend, and the quality of the product is as good as or better than what my own team can do,” said Greg.

Product packaging work done by genU Supported Employees also helps Caronlab to address the common issue of worker shortages.

“In manufacturing the challenge is finding people who want to do the job and keeping them,” said Greg.

“I have seen supported employees come to work a Monday excited for the social environment, and grateful to have the work. If you have a factory floor of people who are happy to be there and want to contribute they will probably do a really good job.”

genU Supported Employment provides hundreds of people with disability additional training, support and flexibility in the workplace in its variety of social enterprises. The many different services, from food preparation and catering, through to grounds maintenance and warehousing, create new opportunities for employment and social and financial participation in the community.

genU Business Enterprises take great care to understand their clients’ needs, and create work processes that can accommodate the different needs of employees with disability.

“The genU team has been excellent. They really do get a good understanding of the job. It’s a little bit of work at the start, and once you have got that set up and sign-off, that’s exactly how the job comes back,” said Greg.

“They work with a diverse group of people so they are really good at making clear instructions that everybody can understand. I think that’s an area of expertise, and the result is a high-quality service. I think the quality of the work is excellent.”

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genU Supported Employees pack Caronlab wax and depilatory products, ready for distribution to the international professional market and local pharmacy retail brands.