Allied Health Services

Improve your health and wellbeing with allied health support

genU’s allied health team provide personalised services to help you achieve your goals for living well today and tackling bigger challenges tomorrow.

We work with people living with disability of all ages, across a range of specialities offering one-on-one support that’s right for you. 

We’ll work closely with you and your support network to understand what’s important to you and your NDIS goals.

Together we can build independence and improve your daily life.

Occupational Therapy

Get tailored occupational therapy based on your goals, strengths and interests.

We can help you build skills and confidence for daily life in your home and for when you are out and about.

Our team draw on a range of therapeutic approaches that can help you build your physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing.

Areas you might choose to focus on include sensory regulation, building executive function or developing fine and gross motor skills.

We can also assist you to access assistive technology and equipment that will help you to confidently complete everyday tasks and build your independence.

Behaviour Support

Get support to improve your quality of life and stay active and involved in the things that are important to you.

We’ll work with you and your support circle to uncover the core issues contributing to difficulties and why things aren’t going well.

Through assessment, positive behaviour plans and ongoing support you’ll get personalised support based on your unique needs.

You’re the expert in your own life, our role is to be a helpful hand on your journey to well-being, regardless of your age, situation or neurotype.

We believe that everyone should be happy, healthy and in control of their own life.

Mental Health Support

Get free low intensity mental health support to help you manage challenges and stay on track in your life.

Our free and easily accessible telehealth support is available for people who are living with, or at risk of, mild mental health conditions.

For example, you may be experiencing mild symptoms or lower levels of distress for shorter periods of time.

This support is also a great resource for people who feel they are doing well, but who can benefit from assistance in specific areas of their lives.