large group of people smiling and posing at Gen U building

A Community for You

What does community mean to you? For us at genU, it’s all about bringing like-minded people together, getting out and about and being involved in life!

With that in mind, we designed 2 hubs that aim to bring people together and celebrate the community spirit – the Eastern Hub and the James Street Gallery.

Everyone’s lives should be happy and healthy, including people with disabilities, the ageing and those experiencing disadvantage. Our hubs are places to help achieve this and to bring people together.

As our communities continue to grow, we’d like to tell you a bit about the values that drive our hubs.

We know that no matter who you are, you deserve a place in the community. That’s why we welcome absolutely everybody with wide-open arms!

It’s important to consider the feelings and wishes of everybody. That’s what we’re driven by – a sense of respect for the rights of others.

Come along to our hubs and embrace the feeling of being embraced! We’ll celebrate the things that make us unique, and bond over the things that tie us together.

Our Communities

Eastern Hub

Imagine a space where everybody comes together to meet, learn, celebrate and eat! That's the dream that the Eastern Hub turns into a reality. Eastern Hub celebrates a sense of community spirit and focuses on bringing everyone together.

James St Gallery

If you're an artist with a disability, we're inviting you to come and join the James Street Gallery. Unleash your inner creative spirit! Or, come along, look around and celebrate all the works by artists with disabilities.