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Shop Local Plants at genU's Community Nurseries

If you’re looking for plants that are indigenous to the Geelong and Bellarine region, then check out our community nurseries.

Whether you’re just starting out your plant collection, are a seasoned gardener, or buying wholesale, we’ve got a wide range of local plants that’ll inspire you.

Want to know what we grow? View our Indigenous Geelong & Bellarine plant range

Propagated on-site from quality seeds to produce the thriving stock, we’re passionate about helping you nurture your green thumb.

Plants growing inside nursery

The experts in local plants

We’re a big believer in supporting local. That’s why, at our Geelong and Colac nurseries, we specialise in plants local to the Bellarine and Otway regions.

As well as our Bellarine and Otway Indigenous stock, we’ve also got a huge range of beautiful Australian native plants on offer.

Plus, we’re the only nursery in the region to grow ALL of our stock on-site. So, you’ll know that you’re getting the high-quality plants.

No order is too big or too small

Whatever your needs, we promise that you’ll find friendly service and competitive prices.

As a wholesale nursery, we complete large contracts for council planting, tree guards and other business needs.

If you’re looking for your own garden, we’re open to the public as a retail nursery during the week.

Plus, we specialise in farm, windbreak, woodlot and re-vegetation plants.

Location and Contact

Geelong Community Nursery

Address: 212–216 Swanston Street, South Geelong (opposite Little Creatures).
Ph: (03) 5229 5459
Opening Hours: 8:30am-3:00pm weekdays

Kui Community Nursery

Address: 101 Queen St, Colac
Ph: (03) 5231 4164
Opening Hours: 8.30am – 3.30pm, Monday to Friday

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Work with a Social Enterprise

genU community nurseries exists as both a non-profit and a social enterprise. What’s a social enterprise? Glad you asked! It’s an organisation that’s driven by purpose and having a social impact. To put it simply, it’s a business that exists to do good.

Every purchase from our community nurseries helps kick-start the careers of people living with a disability.

We hire and train up people with a disability, so they can experience meaningful employment and build up their skills in a supported environment.