Colourful artwork titled 'Butterfly Owl' at James Street Gallery

Come Along to James Street Gallery

If you’re an artist with a disability, we’re inviting you to come and join the James Street Gallery.

It’s time to unleash your inner creative spirit and experience all that our studio has to offer!

Or, if you fancy a look, come and wander through the beautiful gallery and celebrate the works by artists with disabilities.

Our Mission

Although our name has changed over the years (we used to be known as Karingallery), our purpose sure hasn’t!

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and accessible studio for artists with disabilities. And since 1997, we’ve supported local and studio artists in more than 140 exhibitions.

The use of imagination to create something out of nothing stimulates a unique kind of joy! We honour all different kinds of creative spirits and showcase all that they produce.

If you’re an artist with a disability, then no matter your passion, whether it be drawing, painting, screen printing, fine art printing, ceramics, papier-mache or bookwork, there’s a place for you at James Street Gallery.

Our friendly staff will guide you while letting your own creative vision shine through.

The street-front space of our studio hosts a gallery where artists exhibit their work. We hold 11 shows a year, of which 5 are exclusively by James Street Gallery studio artists.

Our Location

Located at 4 James Street Geelong, come and experience what James St Gallery has to offer.