Streamline Your Business Services

Need an efficient way to streamline your business operations?

At genU, our businesses offer practical, useful and high-quality business services for a wide range of organisations!

Plus, you’ll also be doing a world of good.

At genU, we’re well suited to provide productivity solutions to your business, thanks to our expertise and convenient locations.

In addition to our main facility in North Geelong, we have multiple locations throughout Geelong and Colac to supply key services to your business.

Plus, we can also customise some of our warehouse operations to suit the needs of large-scale organisations.

Worker clearing coffee cups

Worker clearing coffee cups

By hiring us for your business services, not only will you be getting high-quality service, but you’ll be helping kick-start the careers of people living with a disability.

At genU Business Enterprises, we employ a dedicated and passionate team of supported employees.

This team is learning new skills, all the while building confidence and experiencing meaningful employment in a supported work environment.

Plus, we also have a team of professional staff who are qualified to work in an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE). They help to mentor the supported employees in the early stages of their career path.

If you’d like to come and see the team in action, fill in the form to organise a tour of our site in North Geelong.

You can come and explore the site, meet and greet the team, and see for yourself the difference that you’ll make by simply using us for your business services.

Our Services

Commercial Laundry

Our efficient industrial laundry offers a convenient, stress-free option for high volume jobs. With a pick-up and drop-off service, doing your laundry is as easy as picking up the phone.

Grounds Maintenance

Do you have gardens, lawns, or land maintenance needs in your commercial property? There’s plenty of reasons to put some care into your property — from meeting regulations to just keeping your space looking presentable.

Warehousing & Packaging

From unloading pallets, to re-packing orders into boxes, and hand-delivering orders directly to your business, our ‘pick and pack’ service is always completed to the highest quality.

Document Shredding

Need help shredding? Our team is well-equipped to give you a hand and help you or your organisation to manage your documents.