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Adam finds his niche with his first paid job at Target

With determination and support, Mill Park resident Adam has successfully navigated the challenging transition from school to work. In February, the 21 year old who lives with disability achieved a major milestone, starting his first paid job at Target with support from the genU School Leavers Employments Support team.

Adam’s mother Daniela says that since starting work his social world has opened up and he has become more self-assured.

“He has definitely become more confident. At home our family talk about our workday and he had felt a bit left out. Now that he’s working too he is part of that.”

Adam’s busy week now includes four or more shifts at the Northland Target in Preston, where he works in the decanting team unpacking items to get ready for sale.

“There are guys who work with him who are roughly the same age. They talk and share interests and chat on social media. It has broadened his group of friends,” Daniela said.

Achieving his goal of more financial independence has been an exciting development for Adam. “It gives him the choice to spend his hard-earned money on fun things like movies, new video games and going to the arcade,” she said.

After finishing his studies, Adam connected with genU School Leaver Employment Supports. Over the next few years the team worked closely with him to explore career options and help him reach his employment goals.

“Completing work experience with the support of his genU Mentor gave Adam the opportunity to develop the skills and confidence he needed to be successful,” said Karen from genU Employment Pathways.

“He was able to break down and practice tasks, and to understand and feel comfortable with the expectations of a workday.”

Work experience organised by genU also helped Adam to try new thing and find his niche, according to his mother.

“Adam did work experience with another retailer. He enjoyed it but was more interested in back office, he didn’t like to work on the floor. So the team talked to Target and looked at work that would suit him,” Daniela said.

For Daniela, Adam’s increasing independence helps his busy family as well. “They helped him become travel ready. He’s gone from me driving him everywhere, and now he can catch the bus to Target. That gave him his independence,” she said.

She credits ongoing supportive relationships with helping Adam to build confidence over time. “He is really close and had a great rapport with Max, his genU Employment Coordinator. He did his learners with him. Adam felt like he could really talk to him,” she said.

Karen from genU is excited to see where Adam’s career journey takes him over time.

“He is a well-liked and valued team member. The managers at Target say he is 100% able to keep up with his colleagues and that he fits in well at with the rest of the team.

They tell us that he is ‘absolutely killing it’ in his new role.”

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