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Data breach as a result of a phishing attack

genU has been the target of a phishing attack which has unfortunately resulted in a data breach.

An unauthorised person was able to gain access to one staff member’s email account that held personal information of some clients.

We apologise for this potential breach of privacy, and any distress it causes those clients whose information may be compromised.

genU took immediate action when unusual activity was discovered in the email account.

The phishing attempt was sophisticated and was financially motivated, targeted at genU, and may not have been aimed at securing data or personal information. Our financial controls and security measures ensured the cyber criminals were not successful in their attempts for financial gain.

While we have been unable to find any evidence that client data has been extracted from genU’s environment, as a precaution, and to be transparent with our community, we have contacted those clients whose information could potentially have been compromised. Dedicated genU staff can support those clients, families or carers who have concerns or questions.

Protecting our client information is paramount and we take our responsibility seriously. 

We have notified the relevant government agencies and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, who will continue to work closely with.

You can read information and tips on the Privacy Commissioner’s website on what you can do to keep your personal information secure following a data breach. We strongly recommend that clients, carers or families review this advice and act if needed.

This phishing attack underscores how every organisation is vulnerable to cyber attacks and everyone needs to remain vigilant to this threat.

We continue to uplift our cyber security measures and ensure our staff remain vigilant against phishing attacks.