Doug Davies celebrates his 100th birthday at home

Doug happily living at home with support at 100!

For many Australians, receiving a letter from the King on their 100th birthday is their one and only interaction with Royalty. Not Doug Davies – he met the King in 1966 while working at City Hall where he served the former Geelong Grammar student a cup of tea. 

“I said to him, ‘Do you want it this way? Or do you want me to swing the billy round?’,” Doug said. 

Doug celebrated his milestone birthday with family last Saturday and still lives at home with Home Care Package support from genU. 

“Glenys, his wife, used to cook beautiful food, so when she passed away, he couldn’t cook in the kitchen,” his granddaughter, Karen said.

Doug has been benefitting from daily visits from genU carers for almost a decade now and receives assistance with meals and other daily routines to keep him living well at home.

“Here is quite good,” Doug said. “You get to do what you want.”

For the family, they know keeping Doug living at home safely and independently is important for his wellbeing.

“It means he is happy,” Karen said. “When he is in respite, he is not happy. It gives us peace of mind to know he has carers coming in the morning and that he is safe.”

Doug attributes his long life to exercise every morning and was a regular swimmer at Eastern Beach until he was aged 95. genU congratulates him on reaching his milestone birthday.

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