An elderly couple sitting on their couch with their pet dog

Happy Memories Val & George

Building a life together has provided everlasting happy memories for Leopold’s Valma and George Dadds.

The couple continue to live in their Leopold home with support from a Government funded Home Care Package (HCP) through genU, and their family home represents life, laughter and love.

Valma and George knew each other growing up, and their paths crossed again after both gaining employment in Melbourne.

“Val would come home to play tennis and visit her Mum, and I came down to get my washing done – a typical helpless male I suppose,” George said.

“I played my trump card, I took Val to the ballet which proved to be a masterstroke and we ended up getting married in 1960.”

The pair bought a block and built a family home, had children Penny and Rowan, and then built their next family home at their current address. As the years went on, Val could no longer play tennis due to asthma and experienced “a couple of falls”.

Val successfully applied for a HCP, and has received assistance with activities including exercise and social groups, taxi vouchers, gardening and cleaning. She also accesses regular physiotherapy sessions to build up her physical strength, and the package has financed home modifications including hand rails and decking.

“To be able to get some support for the things we need is wonderful,” George said.

“The house has a lot of maintenance which we pay for, but there’s a lot we don’t have to thanks to the package. And we can’t speak highly enough of genU and the people that work there, they make everything so easy.”

Val said the help they received means they can continue to live at home in comfort.

“We want to sit and watch television together, and go to bed together at night and just be together,” she said.

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