Janine has Lodge resident’s best interests at heart

Janine’s new role at Oakdale Lodge reflects genU’s commitment to high-quality care and services from familiar faces after uniting with Li-Ve Tasmania.

A passionate commitment to resident wellbeing and choice still burns brightly for Janine King. The dedicated Tasmanian who started work at Oakdale lodge more than 28 years ago has recently transitioned from her role as Health Support Liaison Officer to Team Leader under the uniting of Li-ve Tasmania with genU. The new role enables Janine to continue supporting the wider Lodge community with the same high-quality care.

For people like David Dunkley, brother of long-term Lodge resident, Peter Dunkley, the ongoing health care provided by Janine has given their family ultimate peace-of-mind.

“For our family, the continuity Janine has provided is crucial. We know that she is genuinely committed to ensuring Peter’s health and wellbeing needs are met and that’s a huge comfort. She has been a part of our lives, and Peter’s, for a very long time and her concern for his welfare is real. We know she always has his best interests at heart.”

Also close to Janine’s heart is giving clients choice and control when it comes to dying at home. In addition to supporting daily care needs, Janine and her team work closely with palliative care and other health services to give Lodge residents greater dignity as they reach end-of-life.

“Most of our residents live with intellectual disability, so preparing for end of life can be especially distressing and confusing for them,” Janine said.

“Our team is proud that we’ve enabled them to choose to stay in a familiar place with staff who know them and understand their support and communication needs. Over the years, we’ve supported more than 20 long-term residents to have choice and control over this important end-of-life decision. Our team have worked hard to gain the skills, expertise, and connections to the services needed to support the wishes of our residents.

Janine’s new position as Team Leader at Oakdale Lodge reflects genU’s commitment to offering the same high-quality services with the same familiar faces after uniting with Tasmanian disability support provider, Li-Ve Tasmania. This exciting partnership will create new opportunities for Tasmanians living with disability and using aged care services.

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