School Leavers Employment Supports have helped Laura to find meaningful employment.

Laura transitions from school to work with support

After joining genU’s School Leavers Employment Supports, Laura has built her confidence and capacity to work as a Day Surgery Orderly at
a local hospital.

When Laura reached her final year of school, transitioning to work felt overwhelming for the former school leaver who lives with disability. Fast forward five years, and the once nervous teen has accessed the right support to build her confidence and skills at her own pace. This year, Laura’s hard work was rewarded after she secured a job as a Day Surgery Orderly at St John of God Hospital.

“We are so happy to have Laura as part of the team,” Rose Lyall, Surgical Services Coordinator at the St John of God Hospital said. “She is calm and brings great enthusiasm to her work. She is also very aware of her responsibilities.”

Laura, who loves variety in her work, works under the direction of the nurses. Two days a week, she assists with patient trolleys, food and refreshments, housekeeping, prescription collection and more. The motivated employee also pursues her interest in hospitality by working another two days a week as a Barista at Viva Energy’s café.

Achieving her goal of ongoing employment at the St John of God hospital has been an exciting outcome for Laura.

“I love being busy and I really enjoy giving back to people,” Laura said. “Helping out people is the best part of the job.”

Laura’s pathway to rewarding work

Laura first joined genU’s School Leavers Employment Supports in 2018. This decision opened up numerous new opportunities for Laura, who over time, has built her confidence and capacity to work.

Once Laura’s School Leaver Employment Supports ended, she continued to be assisted by genU’s Employment Pathways team through the NDIS and Finding and Keeping a Job funding. Supports were tailored to suit her employment goals and included:

  • Strengthening her literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Identifying transferrable skills and potential career pathways.
  • Developing her self-esteem and communication skills.
  • Structured workplace learning in varied workplaces customised to her strengths and interests including genU’s Business Enterprises.
  • Ongoing support in her new role.

Laura is experiencing the benefit of her growing confidence and skills. While her end goal is to work independently, for now she is happy with where her future is taking her.

“It helps a lot to have the guidance from my managers and support workers,” Laura said. “If I have any issues, they are always there to guide you in the right way.

“I have come out of my shell and I’m more outgoing now…I’ve changed a lot in a good way.”

School Leaver Employment Supports provides individual support to people transitioning from school to work. Talk to us about tailored supports to help you meet your personal employment goals.