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Li-Ve Tasmania and genU explore opportunity to unite

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Li-Ve Tasmania and genU explore opportunity to unite their operations.

Tasmanian disability support provider, Li-Ve Tasmania, and Geelong-based disability and aged care provider, genU, have commenced a formal process to explore uniting their operations.

Li-Ve Tasmania CEO Darren Mathewson said both organisations had prepared independent business cases that had concluded that there would be significant benefits in uniting.

“Since 2020, Li-Ve Tasmania has been looking for the best partnership opportunity to achieve the right size, service-mix and diversification,” he said.

“In genU, a regional provider like us, we have identified a diverse, large and highly capable organisation that shares our culture and values and has a growing presence across Australia.

“The united organisation would be able to invest in new services and reinvest in existing ones.

“Importantly, our Tasmanian disability support staff and services will continue to support our current participants, families and communities.”

Clare Amies, genU CEO, said if joining was approved, its wide range of disability, aged care and other services would provide opportunities and expertise for growth in Tasmania.

“The future organisation would continue to be an active part of the Tasmanian community, offering employment, and providing high-quality services and supports,” she said.

“It would also create pathways to benefit clients and provide greater career opportunities for staff.

“Joining with Li-Ve Tasmania would provide local market knowledge and understanding and immediate opportunities to collaborate. Our organisations already share 60-70-year histories in our sector, strong personal connections with people we support, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a passion for empowering the people we support and building inclusive communities.”

Ms Amies and Mr Mathewson said there were a number of critical steps for both organisations to take before any unification of operations could be agreed.

Engaging directly with both Li-Ve Tas and genU stakeholders about the plan is the top priority. 

A final decision about whether to unite will be reached at the end of March next year and will need to be approved by the Boards of both organisations with a report back to Members.

If a formal agreement is reached, a detailed transition plan will be developed and shared.

Importantly, there will be no significant changes to operations until at least July 2023.


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