Mary stays in house she loves with Home Care Package services

At 95, fiercely independent Mary is one of the growing number of older Australians who rely on government-funded aged care packages to stay living safely at home.

Mary cherishes the freedom and the familiar creature comforts of her house, where she has created treasured family memories over decades.

“I like to be able to do what I want to do, when I want to do it”.

“And if I want to get up in the night and have a cup of coffee I can, whereas you can’t do that if you’re in care,” Mary said.

Every weekday, Mary gets assistance to get ready for the day, has her kitchen tidied and her washing and ironing done.

“The girls come in and assist me with a shower in the morning and so that’s somebody to talk to and so you know you don’t feel quite so lonely,” Mary explained.

“I wouldn’t be able to cope without help.”

Through her genU Home Care Package, Mary’s genU Case Manager arranges a mix of services tailored to help keep her surroundings safe. These include gardening, window cleaning, and maintenance tasks, such as recent repairs to her deck where she loves to relax and entertain.

“I have coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. And when I go out, I have a wine, maybe two. Why not?!” Mary laughed.

Mary’s daughter Louisa explains that assistance with day-to-day tasks and home maintenance mean the family can focus on helping her in other ways to help her stay healthy and enjoying life.

“The opportunity that this gives us is to enable Mum to be safe in her home and to be well cared for and then we do other things. You know, we’re taking her to medical appointments, we help her with her bills, so there is still plenty to do to support Mum,” Louisa said.

Mary is determined to stay living in the street and community she knows and loves for as long as possible, hoping to enjoy the rest of her twilight years in her own home.

“I want to be carried out!” she laughed.

Pictured above: Mary shared her story with Jo Hall from Channel 9, explaining how her genU Home Care Package has helped her to stay living at home.

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At genU, we’re passionate about helping people aged 65 plus keep their independence and remain in their home with Home Care Package support.

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