Supported Employment

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Two people. One person is smiling with a briefcase next to them and the other person has their arm around them.

We offer Supported Employment for people with disability in our genU Business Enterprises.

A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of her. A dollar sign and a briefcase are next to her.

You will be able to earn your own money working in a job that’s right for you.

We have jobs where you can:

A person smiling holding a pot plant with gardening tools behind them
  • help take care of gardens
A warehouse with cardboard boxes
  • pack products in warehouses
A person smiling holding a tea cup and saucer
  • serve people in cafes and restaurants
A person smiling, wearing a chef hat and holding a spatula with a rolling pin and whisk behind them
  • help cook food to serve at events
A support worker helping to explain something to a woman
  • shred documents in an office
A laundry
  • work in a laundry.
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Why should you work with us?

A man pointing at himself with his hand raised. A map of Victoria with a pin on Greater Geelong and a briefcase are behind him.

We have lots of different jobs available around Greater Geelong and Colac to suit your needs.

A teacher explaining something to 3 people

We will provide you with training to do your job well.

A man using a laptop. Next to him is his support worker. There are 2 spinning wheels above them.

We will also help you build your skills so that you can do other jobs if you want to.

Our managers are wonderful people. They will:

Two people. One woman has her arm around the other to show support.
  • care about you
Two people. A man is shaking hands with a woman to show her respect.
  • respect you
A person pointing up at the word goals
  • support you to achieve your goals.
Two women smiling and shaking hands

Our workplaces are great places to meet people and make friends.

A group of people smiling and hugging each other

We will tell you about social events happening during the year.

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Who can work with us?

You might be able to work with us if:

A man pointing at himself with his other hand raised. The number 18 with a plus symbol is behind him.
  • you are over 18 years old
A man using a laptop. Next to him is his support worker. There is a dollar sign and a clipboard with the word plan above them.
  • you have an NDIS plan with Employment Funding
A calendar that says 6 months
  • you are happy to take part in a 6-month probation period.
A woman sitting down using a laptop. A support worker leans over helping.

A probation period is when you work for us and:

  • you get to see if you like the job
  • we get to see if you are suited to the job.
A woman smiling with two thumbs up. There is a dollar symbol above her.

You will be paid during the probation period.

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What other people have said about our Supported Employment

Two people. One person is smiling with a briefcase next to them and the other person has their arm around them.

Lots of people have told us about their experience with our Supported Employment.

We’ve included a few of them below.

A man standing in a kitchen wearing a chef uniform. There is pumpkin scraps on the bench.

Adrian says:

“I love the people here; I love working with the guys. They’re a lot of fun, and my bosses are really good.”

A woman using a coffee machine

Sky says:

“I sort of do a little of everything. I’m based in the café and then I serve people. I do a little bit of baking in the kitchen and I make coffees.”