Wallan disability accommodation gives Tyler exciting new start

New Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) with on-site support provided by genU has given Seymour resident, Tyler, the opportunity to live independently.

Tyler Browne will be among the first people to move into stunning new Wallan SDA villas, with on-site support from the genU Supported Independent Living (SIL) team.

The bright and funny 27-year-old and true crime fiction fanatic currently lives at his family home. He has unwavering support from his family, especially from his mother and full-time carer, Rosemary.

Tyler lives with Cerebral Palsy, vision impairment and late diagnosis autism after being born 13 weeks premature. He has high support needs and manages wheelchair and access and mobility challenges in many aspects of his daily life.

As he approached his mid-twenties, Tyler’s need for independence and concerns about the physical and mental toll on his mother were growing. The family started to investigate his future accommodation and support options.

“When this was first bought up and the process started, I thought, this could be exciting, we’ll see where this goes”, he recalls.

“Now a few years later I’m thinking ‘what on earth have I got myself into!” Tyler joked.

He admits to some nerves about the life-changing move. “This will be the first time I have ever done anything like this, the first time I have ever lived away from my mother,” he said. “But I know mum will spend a lot of time here.”

Rosemary also feels the wrench of Tyler’s upcoming move, but the family is embracing the opportunity to prepare for future and changing needs.

“I really don’t know how much longer I can do this, and I need to know Tyler will get the right care and be settled in the right accommodation,” said Rosemary.

A commitment to quality and accessible design

Inspecting his new unit in preparation for his move, Tyler noted the use of accessible design and features.

“Nice high ceilings, nice open spaces, easier for me to get places like the bathroom and the kitchen with the adjustable kitchen bench for wheelchair access, I haven’t seen that before,” he said.

He also likes the central location of his new Wallan villa, with services close by that include a medical clinic and dentist on his block.

“If something comes up and I need the doctor, and they say ‘can you be here in 5 minutes?’ I can tell them that I’m right next door and I can get there in 3,” he laughed.

Created for social wellbeing and connection

The 7 Wallan villas, to support 9 residents, are built to accommodate NDIS participants requiring high physical support, but participants funded for Improved Liveability and Fully Accessible funding levels are accepted also.

genU Housing Vacancy Coordinator Tanya Sexton works with NDIS participants who are considering their disability accommodation needs for the future.

“Everyone has a unique situation and support requirements and preferences. We take a lot of care to find the right match for both the villa, and socially within the villas,” she said.

Tanya is excited about recent developments in SDA accommodation and the new opportunities and quality of life they are creating for people living with disability.

“The thought and attention to detail in the planning and execution of Wallan SDA really stands out,” Tanya said.

SDAAus directors, Andrew Alexander and Luke Randles, were inspired to become involved in disability services after Andrew’s mother passed away from Multiple Sclerosis in 2012 after a lifetime struggling with mobility and accessibility. Their first project in Wallan is the result of a desire to build a legacy in tribute to his mother that has quality accommodation and social wellbeing front of mind.

“The villas share a unique purpose-built social centre with a large kitchen, lounge and alfresco area for residents to share lifestyle and recreational activities,” Tanya said.

“The all have a north-facing outlook onto landscaped gardens with native local planting. They have really created something amazing here.”

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