Level up Social Skills with genU GAMER

Discover how the power of gaming can help you level-up social skills and build resilience!

At genU GAMER, we use imagined worlds to create better realities. “How?”, we hear you ask. Great question!

We use gaming to build confidence for those who struggle with isolation.

How Does genU GAMER Work?

Gaming can create a social environment – where a love of gaming and pop-culture is not only accepted but celebrated!

Other participants of genU GAMER have all dealt with factors affecting socialisation, whether it’s mental health challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorder or bullying.

Through genU GAMER, you can develop interpersonal skills at your own pace by connecting with like-minded souls.

The skills learned from gaming have resulted in many of our participants achieving significant goals — from working or volunteering, to finishing school or attending the PAX expo (the biggest gaming expo in the southern hemisphere)!

We’ve seen participants achieve:

  • A higher level of self-identity and confidence
  • The ability to effectively communicate ideas, wants and needs
  • Frustration-tolerance, coping strategies and problem-solving
  • A deeper understanding of the needs and wants of others and the consequences of actions
  • A love for teamwork and its value in achieving larger goals

About the Sessions

We have youth-focused programs for people under 18 years old, as well as sessions for young adults (over 18 years old). All trained facilitators have a mental health and youth focus, meaning we can cater for those who are more sensitive to sounds and other sensory experiences.

Plus, we link everything we do in genU GAMER to the real world to help support the interpersonal skills that have been built.

We pride ourselves on an environment that is safe, inclusive, relevant and structured, where everyone’s voice is equal.

Get Involved

genU GAMER currently operates out of Geelong, Werribee and Frankston. Come and try a session!

We offer a 1-off trial session if you’d like to try the program before committing to a full term.

Or, listen to the genU GAMER podcast online or on Spotify. It provides a platform to help participants share their opinions, thoughts and love for gaming as a medium.