The Latest News from genU

Janine has Lodge resident’s best interests at heart

Janine’s new role at Oakdale Lodge reflects genU’s commitment to high-quality care and services from familiar faces after uniting with Li-Ve Tasmania.

Laura transitions from school to work with support

After joining genU’s School Leavers Employment Supports, Laura has built her confidence and capacity to work as a Day Surgery Orderly at a local hospital.

Wallan disability accommodation gives Tyler exciting new start

Tyler is moving into new Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in Wallan, with on-site support from the genU Supported Independent Living (SIL) team.

Why Barwarre Gardens ticks the retirement living boxes

Careful planning means that Barwarre Gardens Retirement Living offers peace and privacy, as well as shared facilities that offer a wealth of opportunities to socialise.

Disability advocate Patrick Eadington’s impact to grow

Disability advocate Patrick Eadington is the face of a new campaign highlighting Li-Ve Tasmania and genU uniting as one and joins genU in an important role.

Brad finds Highton Green home after 20-year search

Brad Holloway’s goal to find a home where he can live alone with the right support seemed unattainable, until he heard about Highton Green, a new mixed-use development in Geelong.

Ken stays independent with Home Care Package support

For 80-year-old Kenneth Insley, a genU Home Care Package has allowed him to stay living at home and independent in his senior years, despite not having family living nearby.

Former Tasmanian Premier David Bartlett joins genU Board

David Bartlett, former Premier of Tasmania, will transition from the Li-Ve Tas Board Chair position to the genU Board to build on the strong Tasmanian voice and extend this nationally.

Li-Ve Tasmania and genU formally unite

Disability support provider Li-Ve Tasmania has formally united with genU, creating new opportunities for Tasmanians with disability.

Adam finds his niche with his first paid job at Target

Adam lives with disability and has navigated the transition from school to work. The 21 year old started his first paid job at Target with support from genU School Leavers Employments Support.